UX/UI: Pond5 - Reseller

Pond5 is the world’s largest, most vibrant video-first content marketplace, providing filmmakers, creators, and producers of all kinds with the content, inspiration, and tools they need to improve their projects. The Pond5 mission is to serve creative communities globally by giving them access to world-class content while also allowing them to monetize their creativity through our innovative licensing platform.



The Pond5 reseller is an internal tool for our enterprise users. This platform needs users to access constrictions to pricing and content. We have created this re-design for our enterprise users with following goals in mind:

  1. Allow admin users to create/edit reseller accounts with ease. Especially be able to add multiple resellers at a time. 
  2. Be able to set pricing and content constrictions to different resellers
  3. There are three types of users: Admin, Restricted Admin, and Reseller. Each type of user will have access to view/edit differently. 


User Flow