UX/UI: Plan It - Case Study

Plan It (just like planet, get it?!) is a mobile app that allows the user to plan his/her trip with ease. With my own personal experience with traveling, either alone or with friends/family, organization and communication is key. Plan It will allow users to share an entire trip with fellow users and contribute together in one place. This app also has live updates on flights and hotel bookings. The user is able to search, add, and edit their itinerary. Planning has never been so easy!



PROBLEM STATEMENT: The user needs a way to easily plan and communicate his/her trip itinerary because he/she is traveling with a group of friends and everyone should all be inlined.

HYPOTHESIS: We believe that by developing an app that makes planning and sharing easier for our users, we will achieve stress-free travels. We will know this to be true when the user returns to the app and uses it during and planning their next trip. 



Persona and Storyboarding

Wireframes with Annotations

Hi-Fidelity Wireframes